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I am moving from odisha to gurgaon with my daughter from class v dav. which are the best schools in gurgaon ?

user name asked By Santosh

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In my opinion u should choose dav school sec-14, as it is very good school, in fact among top most, moreover your kid was already studying in dav so he will be familiar and comfortable there. this school has a very good reputation and focuses on both academics and sports including other activities. fees is reasonable too. teachers are dedicated and focused for overall growth of students. but for your satisfaction u must consider other schools once comparing with dav as a benchmark.

Anupma Anupma

Sector -56, gurgaon would be best option

Jeetendra Jeetendra

Hi, best school is a term used very loosely as what is best for me may not be best for you. you should start your school search by first listing what are you looking for in a school - distance from home, board, transport, a/c, indoor sports facility,fees etc. once you have this figured out you should create a shortlist of schools based on these at schoolwiser and read each schools rating & review at schoolwiser to start eliminating. the last step is to visit each school in the final shortlist.

Sanna Sanna
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