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Need a good kindergarden school as shifting from hyderabad to gurgaon?

user name asked By Pallavi

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It all depends where you plan to stay in gurgaon and what is your budget. there a lot of options available depending on the location. also depends on the kind of prenursery schools one is looking at,whether one is looking at dayboarding etc or just a regular preschool.

Deepali Deepali

Heritage xperinyoal, lotus valley, salwan, shikshantar are some good options

Kireet Kireet

It all depends upon where you stay. you may check junior dps in dlf phase 4.

Sohil Sohil

Hi pallavi, "good" is very subjective. a lot will depend on where in gurgaon you plan to live, what is your budget, do you require an extended day care, what board do you prefer etc. i recommend that you start by searching for schools in your locality on schoolwiser and narrow down based on criteria's most important to you. you could also join the schoolwiser fb group and request a someone to call you to support you further if needed.

Sanna Sanna

Dps, suncity, heritage and lotus valley are good options.

Dinesh Dinesh
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