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When are admissions for nursery for academic year 2017-18 getting started in gurgaon?

user name asked By Archana

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Most schools such as suncity, gd goenka, scottish high, shikshanter, dps 45 have already started the process. few accept online forms, most have offline submission of forms on specific dates.

Jasjeet Jasjeet

Admissions have already started in almost all the schools

Megha Megha

Hi. the 2016-2017 academic session admissions forms will be out starting from july end of this year with few schools in august. please check the websites of all school individually and you will get all the information required there.

Vidhi Vidhi

For the new academic sessions admission process at some schools have already started. for example lotus valley will be giving forms on 8 -10 th august. you need to check individually with each school.

Archana Archana
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