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Where shared experiences and contributions reward everyone

SWPoints is our contributor program that recognises each contribution you make to the SchoolWiser community and extends user access to valuable sections of our website.

SchoolWiser is a knowledge-sharing community that depends on everyone being able to pitch and SWPoints is our reward system for pitching-in.

How do I earn points?

Every time you contribute to SchoolWiser, you earn SWPoints. The good news is we're make earning SWpoints easy with plenty of ways to earn them. Here’s a list of the ways you could earn SWPoints and how much it’s worth.


for the first time

20 points

Verify your mobile number

20 points

Verify your Email

20 points


Post your requirements

30 points

Visiting our site like a loyalist (each visited day, awarded only once in a day)

10 points


Ratea school

30 points

Ratea teacher

20 points

Be the first to rate

10 points

Your review is voted up

10 points

You vote up someone's review

2 points

Moderator identifies your review as spam

-40 points

Fee structure

Upload a fee structure

50 points


Answera question

10 points

Be the first to answer a question

10 points

Answer is voted up

10 points

Answer is voted up by the questioner

20 points

You vote up someone's answer

2 points

Moderator identifies your answer as spam

-30 points


Aska Question

0 points

Question recieves a like

5 points

Moderator identifies your question as spam

-30 points

Each profile view

-10 SWPoints

Get featured

Be on the leaderboards across and flash the level on your profile.



Level 6

15820 points


Level 5

5106 points


Level 4

2950 points


Level 3

2370 points

What are the levels?

There are 6 SWPoints levels, and your level depends on how many points you have. The more points you ean, the higher your level - and the more you're recognised in the community for your contributions.

Level 6 10000 points
Level 5 5000 points
Level 4 2500 points
Level 3 1000 points
Level 2 500 points
Level 1 200 points
Level 0 30 points