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Our Montessori House (OMH Gurgaon)
7, Vipul World, Sector 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

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My daughter attends grade 2 at Sample School and has been there from the very beginning.

What great about Sample School:

  1. The teachers are involved and hands-on with the kids. My daughter is a fan of her class teacher.
  2. Based on the progress my daughter is making, I feel there teaching style is modern and practical.
  3. A lot of focus on building the child’s confidence through stage performances, class interactions.

What I’d like to see improve:

  1. I feel there is a tad bit extra academic pressure at this age than what it should be.
  2. Infrastructure needs to be improved as they are operating out of the tiny campus currently.
  3. For the current infrastructure, campus and facilities the fees is on the higher side.

I was considering moving my daughter to a school with a larger campus but the comfort my daughter has and the development I see in her has held me back.

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