Join the madness. Come work with us!

Being part of a 9 to 5 job pattern ourselves, we at SchoolWiser have seen both sides of the coin. So, to churn out the best offer, we make working a sheer pleasure with new goals to achieve and a much friendlier environment to grow in. We are a small, yet overly enthusiastic company who looks forward to making work a cherished journey. If you are up for a great experience, a few doughnuts, a hearty laugh and yes, a great job, then mail us resume now.
We are young, tech-savvy, vibrant, not-nerdy and brimming with creative energy. We are transforming the entire hunt parents go down on, be it admission dates or simply finding a new school. From obtaining information to securing an admission, we do it all- we extend our hand to the parent community like never before. Our work culture is uncomplicated and our dreams are big… if you think you match with all that and can bring in some of your fown magic, SchoolWiser is the place for you!

A big shout to all career oriented women who stepped back from the career path for a while to tend to kids, husband, in-laws or simply to explore life’s journey. SchoolWiser is eager to hear from all the SuperWomen out there who have a go-getter attitude and all set to take back the reign in their hands. The doors to SchoolWiser are wide open. Send in your resume and we will help join the dots and create the perfect job role for you.

All positions are based out of our Gurgaon office

You’re the real superstar encapsulating parents’ need from a school and playing perfect matchmaker to enlist the ‘right' parents for the school. You’ll need to be an ace listener and be able to use the gift of the gab to be an adaptive communicator. You’d ought to become the trusted advisor with your deep understanding of schools in the city that you gather through your numerous interactions, parent feedback and occasional market research visits. You’ll not only claim to be an organized and smart person, it’ll reflect in your contact and follow-up strategies for superlative results. We can go on for the qualities of these superstars, but if this sounds anything like you - hit the apply button!
We need enthusiastic team players who are willing to learn about the product and services. We’d love to have moms looking to get back to an exciting career after a break (part-time & full-time), fresh MBA’s or any graduate. You would be the key contact to SchoolWiser so you need to venture out and establish new business. It is a job with immense opportunity, chance to meet new people and make connection within the industry. Essentially, you need to talk-listen-evaluate and talk a little more (of course make sense all through!), build strong ties and by the end of the day have a positive go-getter attitude to begin your next day with.
A Sales Manager for us is a professional who is great at swiftly navigating from the gatekeeper, to the influencers to the right decision makers and persuading people in senior leadership, well obviously! While we have great regard for an MBA in Sales & Marketing but that alone does not cut it for us. Your mission would be a lot bigger than the rest, and so would the opportunities that come your way. Our product and services are simple yet deep and each day involves a different level of excitement… if you think you can handle all that, talk to us today!
Are you consumer obsessed and persistently focused on attaining high standards? A go-getter excited about new challenges in a dynamic environment? Do you function well with clear goals, little guidance and lots of responsibility? If yes, then the news is like music to our ears. We need a candidate who’s street-smart yet rationalizes situations, has a strategic mind yet outcome focused. You ought to be real hungry, not just for pizza but also business growth. The role involves building a sound marketing strategy and developing new ways to make business grow it in the most innovative fashion is what we look at- How, When, What, Where is simply in your hands.
Are you a Social Media Wiz, an SEO expert or a PPC master? Well, all we need is for you to be something, at least one thing! SchoolWiser requires a highly creative and ultra-observant person who lives and learns like a scientist by way of experiments, keeps pace with the trends and identifies opportunities and threats which they are still brewing and has a keen eye on the competitive landscape. From a letter to a Facebook post, strumming a soul is what we desire, but then again we desire a helicopter too. So keeping it simple, the job in essence includes rolling-up your sleeve to build and execute a sound digital media strategy across, sharing ideas and reaching out to the target audience in the most effective ways. You must have a year’s experience with advanced skills in at least one parameter.
Enrolled for a digital marketing course or just completed one? Both are right for us. We don’t mind having Freshers just out of college too. All you need to do is: carry lots of eagerness to learn, tap in a few bright ideas and box up all the experience you gain here. Trainees need to be passionate about the digital space, be it PPCs, Social Media, SEO… and if not, our digital marketing guru from Cambridge will surely trigger that spark for sure.
Your job involves surfing the net, gathering knowledge, sipping a coffee and….. Whoa, job done! Not as easy as it appears, a catalogue executive would need to be well versed with the internet, capable to work with MS Office and on the road to be a knowledge expert of his/her catalogue category. Also, digging a little deeper for information is how we want you to make your role fun and a sheer joy added to your learning experience. Students, Freshers and Mums looking for regular full/part-time assignments are welcome. This is part of our marketing function and a possible road to marketing mastery in the future.
We need experienced geniuses who can combine design sensibilities with their technical skills to produce solutions that our consumer can use with great ease. All in all, a UI/UX Developer requires his right-side brain stuff overflowing with Research & Web Design and left-side brain stuff packed with HTML/CSS/JS… too much to ask? Our developer needs to create an inspiring website or initiate website designs that are pleasing to the eye, easy on the navigation and simply updated with the times. We bet it will be a fun process, are you up for it?
We don’t want to dive into too many technicalities of a job description, we keep things simple and straight. So goes for the codes we create, the PHP Developer would need to be innovative with codes that are short, clean and specially his/her own. We need a person who could build upon the underlying functionality which will essentially make our product operate. By the end of the day, it all boils down to the code and logic.
We aren’t too big a fan of using the term Grammar Nazi, ideally a content person needs to be a Vocabulary Unicorn. Yes, you need to be a rare breed who knows not just to write, but also make exact sense in the least strenuous manner. You need to have a basic knowledge about where to add a comma or a fullstop, how to dot your i’s and cross your t’s…. If you lack experience but still feel you can create magic with your words, we look forward to receiving an application from you too.