The Lawrence School, Lovedale

Ooty, India Co-educational Residential

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Established in 1858

  • CBSE

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The Lawrence School, Lovedale (formerly known as Lawrence Memorial Royal Military School) is a top rated public co-educational boarding school in Ooty (Tamil Nadu, South India). It caters to pupils aged 18-10 that may enter the school as a boarder at age 18 years in grade 12. houses ~700 boarders. The school was established in 1858 on a 750 Acres campus by Major General Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence. Roote... Read More

School Information

  • Gender: Co-educational
  • Funding: Public
  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Established: 1858
  • Campus Size: 750 Acres
  • Number of Students: 700
  • No. of Boarders: 700
  • Age Range: From: 18 To: 10
  • Grades Offered: Grade: 12 to Grade: 5
  • Academic Schedule: Semester
  • Session Begins: April
  • Classroom Dress Code: Uniform
  • Religious Affiliation: No Religious Affiliation
  • Boarding Options: Full Boarding (Residential)
  • Curriculum(s): CBSE

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Campus Life


Average Class Size: 30
CBSE (Affiliation No.:1930001)

Fees & Financial Aid

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Fees details of The Lawrence School, Lovedale provided here is to provide an economic reference point for parents to understand approximate expense involved and evaluate affordability.

Yearly Tuition & Boarding
Cheaper than
25% Co-educational Boarding Schools in South India
    Admission Fees
  • Need-Based Aid: Offered
  • Merit-Based Aid: Not Offered

DISCLAIMER: Fee details and comparison for this school are provided for reference purpose only. The school's fees may have changed since it was last updated. SchoolWiser advises you to contact the school directly to check current fee structure. SchoolWiser accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in details provided here.

  • Average Ooty Boarding School (Tuition + Boarding) 5,36,000
  • Average South India Boarding School (Tuition + Boarding) 4,56,000
  • Average India CBSE Boarding School (Tuition + Boarding) 3,68,000
  • Average India Co-educational Boarding School (Tuition + Boarding) 3,93,000

Fee comparisons are calculated based on boarding schools whose fee details are available with SchoolWiser. (Rounded to ‘000).


To be eligible for admission into grade 12 at The Lawrence School, Ooty, the child needs to be minimum 18 years old. An application shall need to be made by paying the applicable fee and the child would be required to take an admission test.

Application Deadline: November-1
Application Fee:
Standardized Admission Test: Yes
Date for Admission Test: November-1
English Language Test (ELT): Required
Earliest Entry Grade: Grade 5
Minimum Age at Entry: 10 years old
Director of Admissions: Keshav N Desiraju

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