8 Simple Ways To Tame Your Kids Tantrums

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 20-Jan-17
8 Simple Ways To Tame Your Kids Tantrums | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

No doubt, parents go through a lot when their kids throw tantrums. And, most of the times, it is very difficult to control those temper tantrums completely out of the blue. Parents really need to practice patient parenting for controlling kids tantrums and keeping their kids happy and calm. That being said, every parent knows it’s easier said than done, but we will prove you wrong.  Here’s how parents can control kids tantrums in 8 easy ways:

Mother keeps calm during her kids tantrums

Kids Tantrums Vs Silent treatment

Being silent will always help. While throwing tantrums, kid’s mouth is working and other skills like listening and thinking isn’t. So don’t waste your time to argue. Keep mum.

Keep Calm

You must be thinking that how stupid an advice it is? But believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to control tantrums. Don’t panic and just think that it is very normal for kids to throw tantrum. He isn’t trying to hurt or bother you; he is just being a kid.

Kids tantrums calmed by mothers touch


These little beings often fail to calm themselves down and thus the best thing to do when they are throwing tantrums would be to gently rubbing your hands over their heads or back and tell them that it is alright. Remember, a magical tight hug will always do the trick.


Your expression, be it facial or verbal, will play a very crucial rule while tackling kids tantrums.  Just show them that you understand what went wrong and that it made them angry. Empathize with them until they are calm and quiet.

Mother validating kids tantrums


Usually kids throw tantrums because of stupidest of reasons but to them it can be a very serious affair. Validating their reasons for tantrum might make the child feel that you understand them. It seriously works.

Don’t Punish

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is punishing their children for throwing tantrums. Never do it as this can backfire and make the situation even worse. If you really want to give them something tight then make sure it’s a hug and not a slap.

other validating kids tantrums 

Safety First

Often throwing tantrums turn ugly where the child may try to hurt themselves or others. The best thing to do at that point of time is to stand between your child and the thing they are hurting. Try consoling them until sadness and tears overcome the anger. Remember to teach your child that it’s normal being mad at something but hurting is bad.

Be Supportive

Support your children and try to politely convince them that the things they are asking for are not right. If they cry, let them as all of their emotions will let go with tears, saving none for later.

The super awesome parenting styles mentioned above can incredibly help you in dealing with kids tantrums.

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