4 Ways to Determine The Right Preschool Age for your Child

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 22-May-16
4 Ways to Determine The Right Preschool Age for your Child | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

Most parents now have started putting their child in preschool at the age 2 to 2.5 years. The preschool age is different for every child and it depends on their readiness to join the preschool. It has more to do with developmental factors than chronological age. So how do parents decide the right age or the readiness of their child? It is simple; just find the answers for these four questions:

Factors to consider right preschool age for children:

Separation anxiety means not the right preschool age

1. Separation anxiety?

It is hard to set the children away into the path of learning at a very early age. But if your child is not ready and showing separation anxiety disorder symptoms, then he is not ready for preschool at age 2. Here are some of the separation anxiety disorder symptoms:

  • Not going to sleep without the parent being nearby
  • Afraid of being alone
  • Nightmares about being parted
  • Wetting the bed
  • Complaints of headache, stomach ache on school days
  • Temper tantrums or pleading repeatedly.

Child with right preschool age should be potty trained

2. Potty trained?

Potty training has been an issue with parents and preschools and is considered a milestone in the development of a child. The right preschool age can be determined if your child is not fully but a little potty trained. Preschools sometimes help with the training but many also require that child has mastered that skill before enrolling.

Sleep time vs preschool age

3. ‘zzzzz’ Time?

If a two hour nap is required for your two year old baby every afternoon then developmentally, he is not ready for preschool activities. Usually, preschools or nursery do allow children to nap but children may not sleep as well as they do at home which might hinder their activeness and might end up in not enjoying activities for preschoolers.

Preschool age is right when child can communicate

4. Blah Blah skills?

Are they easy to understand? Can they ask for help when they need it? Your child needs to communicate at least when they need any help. He should also be able to communicate in his own way with the class mates as well. If you are the only one who can communicate and understand his/her cute adorable language, then your child is not ready for the preschool.

These questions might seem normal and common but have a great impact on determining the right preschool age for your child. Other factors to consider are how does he react to new situations, does he like the company of other kids? Do not be in a hurry to put your child to a preschool. Wait for six months more to judge the readiness. Each child is different and we should respect their developmental pace. Be confident in your answers to the above four questions and make them take their big leap when its time.

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