6 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew When Starting A School Year

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 03-Apr-17
6 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew When Starting A School Year | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

How easily parents judge the teachers? In just one meeting, they draw the conclusion and anticipate the future of their child – either great or doomed! But ever wondered what is going on in the teacher’s mind when they meet the parents? What they are expecting out of parents and what they wish parents knew at the beginning of the school year? Well, take a look:

1. ‘Happiness is ... Happy Parents’

 Teachers take lot of pressure just to keep parents happy and keeping them happy is undoubtedly the toughest job for them. They know that since they are ‘qualified teachers’, parents only expect perfection from them but in reality, they are human, they do whatever best they can.

 happy parents

2. New is Gold too

Teachers know how you secretly wish that your kid does not get a newbie teacher. Well, a new teacher also works as hard as the old ones. Rather, in some cases they work twice as hard.  They might be lacking in experience but they are brimming with determination and excitement. The new teachers bring in the enthusiasm and motivation in the school environment so, TRUST them.


3. Failing is not a Failure

Parents do not want their child to fail. But according to teachers it is absolutely okay to fail, and especially in middle school. It is a safe time during middle school as teachers are there to support which will lack in times like high school or even college. Children, with right support and care, can learn to pick themselves up and progress well.

student studying

4. Listening Ears, that’s all we want

Teachers know that parents don’t like to hear any negative comments about their child. But they forget that this is not a battle, they are on the same team. Teachers deeply care about your child and want them to succeed. Teachers very well know that everyone needs improvement; no one is perfect, so why that should be expected out of a child?

 Parents meeting teacher


5. Uhu Uhu!! We get sick too

Parents think that teachers can operate 100% without any problem. And no parents like to hear that the teacher was on leave- again! But here’s a fun fact, when teachers get sick, they are really sick.

 sick teacher

6. ‘Mum’ is the word

Parents, make sure that whenever you talk negative about the school, peers or teachers, your child is not around. Their opinion gets affected easily. And teachers can tell when it is coming from the parents.

 Teacher student

So, dear parents, keep these six things in mind whenever you meet your child’s teacher. They might be on the other side of the table, but definitely not against!

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