Revealed! School Report Card Comments Meanings

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 12-Feb-17
Revealed! School Report Card Comments Meanings | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

Remember the generation when parents used to take their glasses and scrutinize their ward’s yearly performance? You would find blunt school report card comments like ‘..has punctuality issues,’ ‘..needs to work in academics’,’..isn’t active in sports’, etc. But now, the comments on school report cards are away from negation. The CCE pattern pertaining to CBSE result complies with this trend. But being a parent, any person would be apprehensive about a sugar coated comment. Whence, here is a set of report card comments and notions about what they mean.

School Report Card Comments:

……. has potential."

General Inference: The teacher thinks of the student as a high potential candidate. The student has proved his/her mettle in co-curricular activities.

What the teacher may possibly trying to convey: The learner might have potential, however it nowhere signifies that learner has utilized or optimized it yet. It might imply that student loses the opportune time in completing an easily accomplishable task. improving his interest in group activities”

General Inference: The learner is being more amicable with peers and has suggestions to offer in group discussions.

Possible Meaning: Whilst this comment seems positive, there are hidden purports. Firstly notice the word mentioned here is improving, and not improved. Further, the child might be working in union, but not individually. an assertive leader.”

General Inference: Child has leadership outlook.

Possibly Conveying: The child might be leaning towards being dominating which hinders him/her to be a part of the group. gregarious and social”

General Inference: The child is vibrant and loves co-curricular activities.

Hidden Meaning: This could mean that the child spends more time in tittle tattle than he/she should.

writing clearly would be highly beneficial for ….”

General Inference: The child is good with other things, an add on could be a better handwriting (Remember? Extra marks for good handwriting!)

Real Meaning: This is a target area, where the teacher was decent enough in writing the comment. This could imply that the teacher and the learner (or both) have difficulties reading the text.

......exceedingly enjoys outdoor recreation activity”

General Inference: The student participates in outdoor activities.

Underlying Meaning: That student finds it difficult to adjust back in the classroom routine after an outdoor activity. The learner might not paying heed to studies after recreation.

There would be more of this end of year school report card comments, but once you understand these, you would have a better insight of your child’s conduct. So next time you hold a report card, remember it reveals more than it appears to!

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