7 Easy Nightmare Remedies For kids

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 30-Aug-16
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Nightmare Nightmare Go Away..Never come in any way! Nightmares or bad dreams are very common and almost everyone has it once in a while. But while adults eventually see it as a mere dream, it becomes difficult for children to differentiate between a dream and a reality. If your child is having nightmares, don’t worry because there are plenty of  nightmare remedies for kids to help them overcome it. Here’s a list of a few parenting tips to kiss the nightmares away.

1. Soothe your little angel

If your child has had a bad dream, please don’t over react or worry. Instead understand him, hug him, cuddle him and let him know that he is safe.

nightmare remedies for kids - mother soothing child

2. Discuss your child’s fears during the day time

Most children are unable to express themselves during the night when they are scared. Try and discuss about their fears at day time and identify if something is bothering them. Talk to them so that you can come up with a solution.

3. No eating right before bedtime

Make sure that your child doesn’t eat anything just before bed time, especially if the food is heavy and takes a longer time to digest. Research says, eating right before bedtime prevents sound sleep.

nightmare remedies for kids - baby sleeping

4. Sufficient Sleep is the Key

Maintaining a regular bedtime routine might prove to be helpful in cutting down the intensity of nightmares. So, ‘early to bed, early to rise, it is always wise!’

5. Bedtime should be Fun time

Before you child goes to sleep, indulge in something which makes him happy – play a board game or read bedtime stories to him or just let him take a bath. This should calm him down and he might sleep peacefully. Watching scary movies or serials is a big NO.

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6. ‘Snug as Bug in Rug’ Atmosphere

The atmosphere in his room should be very comfortable so that he feels protected. If you child fears darkness, make sure to have a soft nightlight in his room so that even if he gets up in the wee hours he is able to see his room clearly.

7. LuvyDuvy Connection – One of the Best nightmare remedies for kids

Some children have a habit to sleep with a doll or a soft toy as it helps them to feel safe and secured. It is indeed important for your child to connect with a security object so that he feels protected.

nightmare for kids - baby sleeping with teddy

In most children, nightmares are not a serious problem and they overcome it with their parents support, love and comfort. But if nightmares are disturbing your child and occurring every now and then, one should apply these nightmare remedies for kids and also seek professional help when very serious.

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