Movies For Kids - With Kids! Let The Fun Begin.

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Wippiiee! Long summer weekends – perfect time to relax and enjoy! But how to make these two days fun and exciting? Well, grab your popcorn and some cool drinks, sit comfortably and switch it on. What? Movie! Here’s a list of some amazing movies for kids where you and your kids can laugh and go ‘awww’ together. So, are you ready?

Jungle Book – Some Forest Essentials

movies for kids - jungle book

A kids movie, which is liked by all age groups, Jungle Book is all about friendship, love, courage and animals. Shere Khan, the tiger threatens Mowgli, a man cub to leave the jungle. The movie is about Mowgli’s journey of self discovery with the help of his friend and guide Bagheera and the happy-go-lucky Baloo.

Moral - Where there is a will, there is a way.

Maleficent – Enter the fantasy world for magic and fairies

movies for kids - maleficent

A great movie which is beautifully depicted, it is a story about a fairy is determined to curse a baby princess only to realize that the same princess may be the only person who can bring back happiness to her troubled land.

Moral - He, who digs a hole under for others, falls into it himself.

Kungfu Panda – A land where being fat is such bliss

movies for kids - Kungfu Panda

This movie is about adventure, bravery and determination. Progressing with his ‘celebrated quests of greatness’; Po, the panda, faces the threats with courage. All in all, it’s a series of fun stories with great hidden messages.

Moral – Be yourself and fight with courage. Also, eat!

Zootopia – Animal, animals and more cute animals

movies for kids - zootopia

One of the best animated movies for kids, it’s about anthropomorphic animals. Rookie, a bunny cop and a skeptical con artist fox, must work together to expose a conspiracy. Kids enjoy it thoroughly and learn about team work and co-operation.

Moral - Teamwork is the key to success.

Toy story – Visit the world of toys

movies for kids - toy story

A beautiful movie on friendship, Toy story is great for all ages. Kids love the fascinating talking toys and adults feel nostalgic for their old toys. It’s a story about a cowboy doll, Woody, who is intensely threatened and envious when a new spacemen figure, Buzz Lightyear replaces him as a top toy in Andy’s room.

Moral - A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Frozen- Nothing like the Sibling love

movies for kids - frozen

The movie gives a message of determination, sister’s love and loyalty. Elsa, the new queen, accidentally uses her magical ice powers to convert things into ice and runs away. Her sister, Anna teams up with a mountain man, Christoff, his playful reindeer, Sven and a joyful snowman, named Olaf to change the weather conditions and to find Elsa.

Moral - Love someone with all your heart and soul.

Mulan – One of the best movies for kids

movies for kids - Mulan

This movie is a wonderful example of bravery and courage. Mulan, a courageous maiden from China, disguises herself as a warrior and fights for her country and becomes one of China’s supreme heroines.

Moral - Never give up.

Movies for kids are always fun and amusing. So, what are you thinking? Get set for a movie marathon!

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