Your Kid’s Best Friend Moving? 7 Ways To Help Them Cope

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 23-Mar-17
Your Kid’s Best Friend Moving? 7 Ways To Help Them Cope | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

“When she goes, whom will I play with?” This question when asked can make any parent feel sad for their child. Children, when growing up, get close to that one friend who becomes their best friend – be it for few months or more. And sometimes, they have to experience the sad instance of their best friend moving away. This sudden change can take a toll on those innocent minds and it is important for parents to help them cope in these situations.

Following are some parenting tips that will talk about helping your child when a friend moves:

1. Parting Party –

Parting partying on best friend moving


Your child will be little depressed and what better way to cheer her up by throwing a small farewell party for her best friend. You can keep her involved and let her take decisions on decoration, food, friends to invite and more. Suggest your ideas and plan a party. It’s the excitement of the process that will distract her and she will love that fact that she is making a great gesture for her best friend.

2. Geography –

Knowing the place where the best friend moving

Show your child on a map where her best friend is moving and what is the place like, how far is it, what are the exciting facts about the place? This will make your child learn about new things and help her understand that may be moving to a nice place is best for her bestie.

3. Connection –

Skype chat to ease on best friend moving

Remind your child that they can be in touch with each other through so many mediums like Skype, phone, emails and even pen pals. Make them talk through these mediums when her best friend is still in town and let them experience the fun.

4. New chapter –

Interact with other kids on best friend moving

Take your time and gradually put her in situation where she has to interact with other children of same age. Put her in classes, organize play dates, take them out. New faces will make them feel great and they can come out of the situation of their best friend moving pretty soon.

5. The ‘ best friend moving ’ Talk –

Talking about best friend moving

Talking to your child about the situation is very helpful. Understand her feelings and also make them understand why her friend is moving. Be there whenever she needs you and understand her mood swings if it happens.

6. Support –

Famil support to ease best friend moving

Also, help your child stay connected with family members. She might feel lonely and isolated before the move even happens and so make her feel that she has a big support network of people who care about her.

7. Space craft -

space the kid needs when best friend moving

Give her space to deal with it. It is a life lesson and she needs to be strong. A little space will help her cope up with the situation.

Best friend moving instances are a part of life and children surely cannot handle it all by themselves. Help your kid with this and show them the right way.

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