6 Shocking Facts About The Movie Taare Zameen Par

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 23-Jul-17
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Everyone remembers Ishaan Awasthi from the movie Taare Zameen Par. A kid who was just like other kids when it came to being mischievous and naughty, however, the same kid was way too different from all the other kids when it came to study and attending classes because of a medical condition called Dyslexia. The movie starring Aamir Khan aka The Perfectionist and debutante Darsheel Safary turned out to be a blockbuster and nearly every parent or person who watched the movie came out of the theater teary eyed!! The movie turned out to be an eye opener for one and all.

Duniya mein aise aise heere paida huye ha, jinhone sari duniya ka naksha hi badal diya, kyun ki yeh duniya ko apni alag nazar se dekh paaye

(There are various diamonds that have been born in this world, who have changed the map of this whole world, because they were able to see this world from a different angle)   No matter how good the movie is, and what the audience had to say, the movie Taare Zameen Par had big flaw which everybody overlooked. The dyslexic kid who failed in standard three thrice was picturized as the youngest (3-4 years) and shortest kid in the class. He was supposed to be 3 years elder to the other students of his class though as dyslexia doesn’t affect one’s physical health.  

Here are 6 more unknown facts about the movie which you didn’t know:

  1. This movie is (allegedly) based on a True Chinese Movie Well, most of you who feel that this movie was an original master piece directed by Mr. Perfectionist himself should definitely watch the original Chinese film called ‘Tutor’in English.
  2. The Paintings made in the movie were works of a renowned artist Three amazing paintings were made by noted artist Samir Mandal for free to Aamir for this film. His paintings are normally charged between INR 1-7 lacs. painting in Taare zameen par
  3. Film had two Bollywood stars who weren’t directly associated to the film Apart from Aamir khan, the film had two Bollywood celebrities associated with it. One being Salman Khan who actually suggested the name of the film to Aamir at a party. Second, Abhishek Bachhan was also mentioned in the film to students. His reference was given as a child who faced Dyslexia but overcame it and became a sensational superstar for Dhoom. Aamir Khan had especially called Amitabh Bachhan to ask if he could mention about Junior Bachhan’s dyslexic problem.
  4. How Darsheel got into the picture Darsheel was a part of Shiamak Davar’s dance troop and during one of the classes he saw a poster saying “Hunting for a naughty kid” who, if selected, will get a chance to work with Aamir Khan. Coincidently in the same class, Anmole Gupte saw Darsheel and asked him to go for the audition. And yes, he immediately got selected!
  5. Aamir as actor Director It is said that Anmol Gupte was replaced by Aamir Khan as director because Aamir was not confident with Gupte’s directing abilities.
  6. The name Nikumbh Aamir Khan’s character was given a very unique name ‘Nikumbh’. It was the name of Anmole Gupte’s art teacher. Aamir at Taare zameen par Taare Zameen Par movie received numerous awards, including the Filmfare Best film award and National Film Award for Best film on family welfare. The film was also India’s official entry into the Academy Awards Best Foreign Film. However, it failed to get shortlisted.

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