Your Child Should Know the ‘F Word'

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Children are parents. Nothing can go wrong with them..according to parents. But if life would go according to our plans, then there was nothing to worry about. But such is life that children need to develop right attitude to live. And we share the basics today – The ‘F’ word, rather ‘F’ words your child should know to deal with the downs and appreciate the ups of life:

Failure – The Key To Success!

It is probably one of those words which you are always shielding your child from! But why? It is just a part of life and children should know that failing doesn’t make one a failure, but giving up, accepting failure and refusing to try again does. Walt Disney, the king of animation industries in Hollywood failed so many times. He was fired from a newspaper company saying that he lacked creativity. The first company he formed was also dissolved, and after being rejected, criticized and failed in Hollywood, he finally made it and look at us now - his creations are loved by all.

Fearless – Risk it to get the biscuit!

Bill Gates – After two years at Harvard, took a risk of giving up his career and studies, only to be a founder of Microsoft. Kids are the world’s highest risk takers. All they want to do is explore some shiny sharp objects or balance on curbs. But the sense of discovery and curiosity is somehow lost in their childhood or school days. Encourage them to take risks, why? Because, it’s okay to be fearless.

Fearless - Bill Gates

Focus – Hocus Pocus Magic

‘He can focus on video games or movies for hours but can’t focus on his studies for more than five minutes’, sounds familiar?  As parents we should encourage our children to concentrate and stick with the task-be it play or studies. The Khiladi Boy – Akshay Kumar – from being a waiter to chef, was always focused on martial arts training and when he came to Mumbai, he focused on acting as well. He used to earn 1500 rupees then, can you guess his pay now?

Focus - Akshay Kumar

Faith – Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear!

Children should believe in themselves and faith is the firm belief that can change all things no matter how big or hard it seems. It is hoping, waiting and believing with all your might and even though you are disappointed at times, you know that you will achieve it! Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani school girl defied the threats of Taliban to campaign for the right to education because she had faith in herself!

Faith - Malala

These celebrities shine, so why can’t your child?


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