Encouraging Healthy Food For Kids In 9 Ways

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 27-Jan-17
Encouraging Healthy Food For Kids In 9 Ways | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

Healthy food for kids is a nightmare for almost all the mothers. With increasing peer pressure and lovely TV commercials for junk food, it seems impossible to get the kids eating healthy. But,  is it that difficult? Well, the good news is that it is not difficult anymore! Here are some parenting tips to instill healthy eating habits in children. Happy reading!

Stir Up The Habit Of Healthy Food For Kids In These Simple Ways

1. Monkey-see, Monkey-do

Be a role model to your kids. Children simply love to imitate their parents. Take advantage and try to eat healthy, eat at the dining table and please don’t skip meals. Always remember, your monkeys are watching you!

family meal to encourage healthy food for kids

2. Togetherness

Encourage more and more family mealtimes. Children get a chance to share and talk about their activities and events. And the best part, they finish up everything without realizing! Be it the most important meal of the day – breakfast or lunch and dinner, sit together.

3. Play kitchen kitchen

Involve the kids in the kitchen chores and make it fun by giving Chef caps and aprons and see them becoming adventurous eaters. They actually start trying new things, taste what they cooked and relish it.

young chef to instill healthy food for kids

4. Stay away from not so healthy food for kids

Giving sweets occasionally is good, but don’t make it a practice. These aren’t healthy food. Stop making desserts the so called reason for eating meals. Reward them with hugs and kisses rather than a chocolate!

5. Slow and steady wins the race

‘Eat fast, we are getting late’, is one thing we all say to our kids. But eating slowly and chewing the food properly is a part of good habits for kids. Doctors say that it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to register that we are packed. Let them enjoy the taste, let them get used to it, it’s important.

choice for healthy food for kids

6. Choose what you like

Pamper your children with options. So, instead of saying, ‘you have to eat bananas’, say, ‘what shall I give you honey, apples or bananas?’ Try it, and it will work wonders!

7. Less screen time

When we limit the TV and computer time, kids get more time for active things and parents should encourage daily activity, not just exercise. Go for a family walk before meals and watch them binging on food when they are hungry after.

8. Think and drink!

Develop a healthy liquid habit from an early age. Once the kids get the taste of the sugary juices and chocolate drinks, it is difficult to get them unhooked. Give them plenty of water and plain milk. Drink healthy.

drinking water is healthy food for kids

9. Don’t give up!

Don’t be disheartened if your child continuously turns away healthy food. Children take time to get used to new things. Offer at intervals and they will get the hang of the taste slowly!

Healthy food for kids isn’t a challenge now, is it?


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