Zooming in on DPS Gurgaon (DPS Sector 45)

by SchoolWiser Last Updated 05-Aug-15
Zooming in on DPS Gurgaon (DPS Sector 45) | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

So what sets DPS Gurgaon (DPS Sector 45) apart?

  • In a city where land is expensive, Delhi Public School gurgaon boasts of 6000 square metres of playgrounds.
  • DPS Sector 45 carries the prestigious Delhi Public School name that has been synonymous with great academic results.
  • Delhi Public School gurgaon has consistently ranked among the top 10 schools in gurgaon in 2011, 2012 & 2013 by Hindustan Times in its HT Top School rankings.
  • EW Co-ed Day School Ranking 2014 has DPS Sector 45 as 8th best in gurgaon, 36th in Haryana and 61th all over India
  • Like many other DPS schools, Delhi Public School gurgaon has 10-12 sections in each of the senior classes, which speaks volumes about the expanse of its popularity and operations.
  • At DPS Sector 45 the board results have been at 100% for the past few years with number of high scorers in the subjects and overall marks.
  • The schools seems to be technologically savvy with smart boards equipped classrooms
  • DPS gurgaon has setup International student exchange program that provides the students with exposure of culture across global borders in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Special programs at DPS gurgaon such as Shiksha Kendra & Can kids. Shiksha Kendra supports the economically weaker sections with education for their children. Meeting the children who have recovered from cancer gives that motivation to take life head on to the students in the Can kids program.
  • DPS gurgaon can be considered relatively more affordable compared to many new schools in gurgaon including DPS International school in gurgaon that has common members of the board.


Any possible concern points that one should consider for DPS Gurgaon (DPS Sector 45)?

  • Some view the “school franchise system” with suspicion in general. In some franchise schools there may sometimes be a problem of quality as the franchise brands can mostly only influence but not directly maintain day-to-day quality across schools. A few years backs, the DPS society gained some bad press as an ex-president of the DPS Society charged them with discriminating between its own 11 schools and the franchised ones.
  • The student teacher ratio at 40:1 is a bit high compared to the new age of schools in gurgaon
  • The canteen at DPS gurgaon may considered a bit expensive by a few though it is also believed to be reasonably good.
  • Delhi Public School gurgaon lacks a swimming pool but makes up the deficit with generally expansive facilities including a gym and an auditorium.

Concluding thought: Every school has its set of pluses and minuses and it is up to parents and students to weigh the pros and cons before making the right choice. While, every effort has been made to provide authentic and updated information about DPS Gurgaon for the benefit of the readers but information provided here should be further substantiated by personally speaking to and visiting the school. Also checkout the DPS Sector 45 reviews at SchoolWiser.

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