9 Steps to Shortlist a DPS School in Gurgaon

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9 Steps to Shortlist a DPS School in Gurgaon | SchoolWiser Blog Featured Image

Gurgaon has been the center of rapid growth and development for the past one decade. With the close proximity of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, developing of the eight-lane multi-flyover expressway NH8, connectivity by Metro and setting up of multiple malls and integrated townships the city has transformed immensely. With the rapidly increasing urban population came the focus on basic services like hospitals and schools. A whole lot of top notch schools have mushroomed in the millennium city. DPS in Gurgaon has the distinction of having 4 different schools in the city namely DPS Sector 45, DPS Sushant Lok, DPS Maruti Kunj, DPS International. Geographically they are located almost on a straight line from central Gurgaon to Sohna road (see map). With each of them having the common motto of DPS: Service before self and the determination to provide excellent education and holistic development to the children, it really becomes difficult for the parents to make a choice as to which of the DPS Schools in Gurgaon is the right one for them. We will make an attempt to look at certain parameters that can help the parents to make a selection.

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1. Location & Neighborhood / Distance & accessibility from your house

Since all the four schools have transport to pick up and drop children, the location does not really matter so far as the schools are within the city. To cut down on the travel time for the children one can decide on the fact that DPS Sector 45 & DPS Sushant Lok are the most centrally located, DPS International may be a good choice for neighborhoods of golf course extension including nirvana country and golf course road, DPS Maruti Kunj is a located on the edge of the city on the Sohna Road.


2. Curriculum

With the exception of DPS International, which offers the International curriculum under the proposed IB program, the rest of the three schools follow the CBSE curriculum.


3. Established vs New Age

The first DPS to come up in the city when Maruti Udyog joined hands with DPS society in 1995 was DPS Maruti Kunj. It was envisaged with the purpose of providing quality education to the children of Maruti employees. The school is jointly managed by the DPS society and “MEET” (Maruti Employees Education Trust).

Next came in the franchisees. In 2002 and again in 2013-14 the Jaipuria family pitched in with DPS Sector 45 and DPS International Edge as franchises in association with DPS society. Another DPS in Gurgaon to join was DPS Sushant Lok in 2005 established by Meenakshi Singh daughter of Rajya Sabha MP N K Singh.

DPS Sector 45 seems to have the most prominent Principal with Aditi Misra as their founder Principal. She is now a part of the managing committee of DPS International as well. There has been a change of guard at DPS Sushant Lok and DPS Maruti Kunj and the current principals Ruchi Seth and Rachna Pandit respectively are leading the charge from the front.


4. Campus

The DPS Maruti Kunj has the largest campus of 13 acres. All the other three DPS Schools in Gurgaon have a campus area around 5 acres. All the DPS in Gurgaon are well equipped with the requisite modern infrastructure of the new age schools. All have the smart classes, sports facilities, well equipped labs, libraries, medical room, art music and dance room etc. The difference is in terms of size, design and architecture with DPS International being design to the most modern standards.


5. Academic Performance

DPS Sector 45 leads the pack followed closely by DPS Sushant Lok. DPS Maruti Kunj has not been much in the limelight for the academic performance due to the fixed clientele it enjoys from the Maruti employees. DPS International is too young for a rating right now as it is running up to the middle wing only.

In the Education world rankings for 2014, DPS Sector 45 scored 12th rank, followed by DPS SL at 16th and DPS MK in the last out of 24 schools ranked in Gurgaon. In the HT school rankings for 2013 DPS Sector 45 finished 7th as compared to DPS Sushant Lok at 10th spot in the Gurgaon school rankings.


6. Classes offered – Integrated with preschool?

Pre Nursery class is an added advantage with DPS Sector 45 and DPS International, while DPS Sushant Lok offers it through an associated preschool. The baby of the lot DPS International is starting class VII from the current academic year while the rest of the lot is well established with classes up to XII standard.


7. Internationalism

While DPS International boasts of an International curriculum and a futuristic educational set up preparing its students for the 21st century, it is too new for any real evidence. On the other hand DPS Sector 45 and DPS Sushant Lok have established inbound and outbound international student exchange programs to provide global exposure, tolerance for cultures and avenues for growth to the students of these schools.


8. Age for Admission

The age for admission to Nursery across all DPS Schools in Gurgaon is 3.5 Years.


9. Fees

The latest of the lot DPS International has the highest fees, followed by almost similar fee structure by DPS Sector 45 and DPS Sushant Lok. By virtue of its creation for providing the benefit to the Maruti employees the DPS MK charges the least of the fees.


This article provides a brief insight to the parents into each of the four DPS in Gurgaon in relation to certain distinct parameters. The significance of the parameters varies from one parent to the other. What may be important for one may be least attractive for another. Thus these comparisons should be taken as a guide. The parents are advised to further populate the listed points by interacting directly with the DPS schools in Gurgaon for confirmation. My only request is for you to leave a comment below about the DPS in Gurgaon that you are considering and why to help provide a perspective to fellow parents here.

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