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Mumbai is home to many top schools. A combination of CBSE, ICSE and International schools have consistently ranked among top 10 best schools in Mumbai. See admission information, parent reviews and ratings for Mumbai’s best schools for the year 2020.

Mumbai schools at a glance:

Boards offered: CBSE, ICSE/ISC, IB, CAIE
Entry Age: 3+ years for LKG
Entry Grade: LKG
Average Yearly Fees: Rs. 1,50,000

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Best 20 schools in Mumbai

  • Mumbai Best Schools Ranking 2020

    School ranking among other factors such as distance, academic record, infrastructure, teacher quality have been influencing many parents when searching for best schools in Mumbai for their child. Some of the players such as HT Top Schools Survey, Education World and Times School Survey have published rankings at different frequencies. The reliability of rankings in general gets constantly questioned since most follow a ‘perception-based’ element where sample respondents rate several ‘participating’ schools across different parameters even if they do not have ‘first-hand experience’ with the schools they rate.

  • Ratings for schools in Mumbai

    SchoolWiser ratings of 2020 Best Mumbai Schools is based SchoolWiser users’ experience with the schools their children attend as indicated by them. Users associate a rating on a 5-point scale based on their opinion of the first-hand experience with a school. Users also rate different dimensions of a school such as academics, co-curriculars, value for money, infrastructure and administration. The ratings are based on opinions and experiences of the individual reviewers and not that of SchoolWiser. School ratings are intended only to provide a quick reference on Mumbai schools and we do not claim for the ratings to be complete, accurate or reliable.

  • Mumbai School Parent Reviews

    When looking for a top school in Mumbai, fellow parent reviews plays an important part. Whether it is collecting reviews from other moms in the neighborhood or exploring reviews online, most parents today like validation on their choices. A good review from an existing parent of a school can indeed provide much valuable insight to an admission seeking parents. We encourage our users to review Mumbai schools that their children have attended in order to provide a window to prospective parent into what the school does well and what it can further improve on. Parents are advised to use the themes in reviews as areas to investigate further and exercise their best judgement on relying on any particular review as at the end of the day it is the subjective opinion of a particular user.

  • Best School in Mumbai for your Child

    SchoolWiser since its inception has been preaching that parents should move away from the herd mentality to school selection of “Best School” or “Top School” based on some ranking. Instead, it is extremely important for parents to invest time to understand the needs of their child and their own circumstances, beliefs & value system so they are able to select the Right School in Mumbai for ‘their’ child. The objective of analysing published Mumbai Top School rankings and exploring available Mumbai school reviews and ratings should be to get different perspectives in an attempt to understand schools a little bit better. Choosing the best Mumbai school for your child should be based on your specific needs. Decide what "your" non-negotiable factor(s) are before shortlisting schools – affordability / distance / pedagogy / academic results / co-curricular laurels / location / infrastructure / reputation / student diversity / stability of establishment are some common ones. We typically recommend parents to look beyond fancy infrastructure, marketing talk or any rankings, but into the things that will actually matter like distance/safe location, academics/co-curricular engagement, quality of personnel / teachers and their interest in education, curriculum/delivery pedagogy and most importantly long term affordability (5-10 years view). Don’t go for the “best school” in Mumbai, go for Mumbai’s best school “for your child”!

  • Nursery Admissions in Mumbai

    Mumbai parents are fortunate to have a wide variety of schools to choose from for nursery admissions. 3 years as on 31-Mar of the year of admission is the minimum age criteria for a child to be eligible for admission in majority of Mumbai best schools. Mumbai’s Nursery admissions season starts around January of the preceding year in some schools and goes on till session beginning in April in most other CBSE schools. Most International schools follow rolling admissions with primary intakes around January and June-Aug. Mumbai have also started offering pre-nursery as an entry grade into the school. You can look up age criteria and entry grades on SchoolWiser for most schools for convenience, though we strongly recommend that parents check the same with individual schools to be sure.

  • Mumbai School Admissions

    No specific pattern is followed for non-nursery primary to senior school admissions in Mumbai’s top schools. It is best for parents to do their research and reach-out to shortlisted Mumbai schools to check availability of seats. An admission test is conducted for the child by most schools esp. for middle and senior grade admissions. Schools follow varying levels of selectivity based on test results. Given the abundance of schools in Mumbai, school admissions is generally not an issue and based on what we hear from parents, they mostly do get admission within their top 5 Mumbai school choices.

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  • Pooja Kedia | Author Profile Image | SchoolWiser SchoolWiser is one of the most loved school discovery platform and a trusted partner for ten’s thousands of parents each year helping them select the “right school” for their children. Founded by Pooja - a mother and six sigma professional - who experienced the ordeal of Mumbai school admissions due to lack of comparable information, she writes and shares her wisdom on how to navigate the schooling scenario in Mumbai without losing your mind. Her thoughts and stories have regularity featured in leading publications such as The Pioneer, Times of India, Entrepreneur, Womens Web to name a few.

    Frequently Asked Questions about schools in Mumbai

  • Which are some of the top Mumbai ICSE/ISC schools?

    Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School and Lakshdham High School are some Popular ICSE/ISC schools in Mumbai for parents looking for academic excellence. See the full list: Mumbai Top ICSE/ISC Schools

  • What are some of the best International schools in Mumbai?

    Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Singapore International School and Christ Church School are some of the popular schools for parents looking for an International school in Mumbai. See the full list: International Schools in Mumbai

  • Which school education boards / curriculums are available in Mumbai?

    ICSE/ISC followed by International Baccalaureate and CBSE are the most popular school education boards in Mumbai. See the full list: Education Boards

  • What is the admission fees in Mumbai Schools?

    The average school fees for the admission year is approximately Rs. 1,70,000. This includes one-time admission charges and refundable security deposits. See fees for specific schools: Search Mumbai School Fees

  • Which are the most affordable school in Mumbai?

    Apeejay School, Birla School and DAV Public School Mumbai Nerul are some economical schools for parents looking for budget school options. Use the fee range filter to see the full list.

  • Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?

    Yes, most schools have an entrance exam for primary to senior grades that your child will need to undertake before a final admission offer is made by a school. Pre-primary grades such as Nursery do not have entrance tests.

  • Which are some popular school localities in Mumbai?

    Bandra kurla, Goregaon East, Goregaon West, Dahisar, Vile Parle and Mahim are popular neighbourhoods with many schools around.

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