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Since heritage gurgaon does not have uniform for students, do the parents find it good? what about the children?

user name asked By Deeraj

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Though i was initially apprehensive, i now feel the no uniform policy works very well for me. i have a separate set of regular comfortable tshirts, track pants, jackets, shoes etc which are only for school. the school is strict about no fancy dressing, even for the older kids.

Sraboni Sraboni

I think dress should be compulsory so that all kids feel same

neeraj Neeraj

I think dress shoudl be compulsory so that all kids feel same

neeraj Neeraj

I think that having a uniform is a good practice so that all kids feel same otherwise there can be differences between the kids

neeraj Neeraj

Its is the feeling as we have grown up watchin kids wear uniform. all that we grew up seeing and watching might not be right all the son goes to a school in kolkata which doesn't have a uniform and i dnt think it make him lesser disciplined than other school kids wearing uniform. its difficult for us to see a change in normal , i guess that is what we need to change.

Rashmi Rashmi

I think it depends on your perception. both have pros and cons.

Sand Sand

My son goes to a school that has a uniform. i have to buy several pairs of uniforms each year as he manages to tear / spoil it while playing etc. i have to buy it from a vendor fixed by the school that sell them on a hefty margin. a pair of his school shoes and socks cost me more than what his regular shoes & socks would cost me. so having a uniform has its own challenges.

SchoolWiser-Profile Satender

I have never had to struggle with my daughter convincing her that she cant wear party wear to school. i know that her teachers reinforce the tracks and tshirts dress code in school.

SchoolWiser-Profile Poulomi

What i have done is set aside a few t-shirts and tacks for my daughter as part of the clothes for schools and i let her decide from that set everyday. it has worked out brilliantly for me.

SchoolWiser-Profile Samta

I disagree with the thought of children becoming brand conscious just because of no uniform. there are several other things around children all the time these days that influence them starting from the cars they are driven in to smaller things like fancy pens, pencils, tiffin boxes etc. they carry to school. it is really about how we coach our children about these things at home in tandem with the school.

SchoolWiser-Profile Vrinda

My son will become eligible for nursery in the coming year. i feel not having a uniform makes the children become brand conscious from any early age. i do not want my son to be brand conscious after seeing other kids from more affluent backgrounds. i would rather opt for a school with a proper uniform.

SchoolWiser-Profile Rohit

Inspite of opting to not have a formal uniform they do follow a dress code - t-shirt, trackpants and sports shoes. the no unform issue is just in the mind of people. parents including myself do not really any issues.

SchoolWiser-Profile Raguvendra

My son in nursery at heritage school decides for himself what to wear to schools. the school and the teachers have helped him appreciate that he will be comfortable in track pants. i am happy to see that even at this early age he is aware of what he should wear.

SchoolWiser-Profile Sakshi

I have not faced any issues with the school not having a uniform. unlike popular belief, that students are not on a fashion parade. it is made very clear from the beginning that kids needs to wear comfortable clothes that is full sleeve tshirts, jackets and track pant and sports shoes. the school frowns on fancy clothes, footwear etc. to the extent that junior children are discouraged to carry trolley bags and opt for simple school bags.

SchoolWiser-Profile Parul
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