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Can you please tell me when will the admission forms be out for session 202122 need to setup alert accordingly?

user name asked By Shwetang

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Admission has started in grgn

Dipti Dipti

Most of the top notch schools like heritage, shiv nadar etc had it open in aug and are closed now. kuns closed on 6th sept. scottish is open.

Divydeep Divydeep

Most schools are in the middle of the process

Karan Karan

Mostly in august school admission will open

Abhishek Abhishek

Most schools have their forms out for online and offline process around 2nd week if august.

Shubham Shubham

Many school forms are now available. like dps, dav, shiv nadar, manav rachna and many more

Shailesh Shailesh

You should start looking now.

Harkaran Harkaran

Forms for around 8 to 10 schools in gurgaon are already out. rest will be out in aug or maximum in week 1 sep

Amandeep Amandeep

All school admission forms will be out in august. so keep a lookout

Taruna Taruna

Same question here, keep checking their website starting from aug

Peeyush Peeyush
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