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I am confused which board is better. icse or ib board?

user name asked By Munmun

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Icse obviously.......

yogeshvari Yogeshvari

Icse if you are focused on staying in india. very recognized in india. ib if you are more looking for an easier transition to us or uk

Anshul Anshul

Cbse ,..........................

Isha Isha

Icse and ib has difference in the way learning is being given. ib is more focused on how to learn then what to learn, no specific books, hence success depends on the quality of teachers. icse is in between cbse and ib , where cbse is a clear cut text book oriented schooling, more of learning by heart. icse has more elaborate syllabus and more emphasis on solving problems. ib is also student specific , in the same class two kids of different capacity may be taught different level of subjects

Sanjay Sanjay
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