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Any ideas on why parents choose to admit their kids in mothers pride and not directly to presidium?

user name asked By Agam

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Lots of reasons including the location / availabilty of mothers pride is more, presidium starts from nursery to class 11 whereas mother's pride starts from daycare, play school and pre nursery. plus the fee structure is diffrent

Mani Mani

Location and availability is another factor. there are more number of mother pride branches compared to presidium school that has just one campus. at a younger age i would prefer my child to go to a playschool closeby.

SchoolWiser-Profile Priyal

Presidium is not a playschool it is a main school. so if you want your child to go to a playschool then presidium is not an option

SchoolWiser-Profile Surbhi

Mothers pride is still a much bigger and older brand name esp. in the playschool arena in ncr.

SchoolWiser-Profile Shalini
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