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Would you admit your child in a school that does not offer classes till xii? if yes, why? wont it be disengaging for your kid?

user name asked By Jatin
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I would not hesitate to opt for such a school if it meets my criteria of the kind of learning environment i want for my child. also newer schools usually have better student teacher ratio and are more parent friendly which works better for me.

Sraboni Sraboni

No i will not admit in such school

Dr Priyanka Dr Priyanka

Yes, because such schools give more focus on children and helps in building a strong base for students so that they can easily go through any entrance test.

neetu Neetu

Yes i would go for such a school. in primary classes you need a school where you have below: * the teacher to children ratio is high so that children can get more attention * better curriculum like montessori which is more suited to small children * low academic pressure on kids. i have seen some schools who put so much of burden of class work and home work kids. instead of learning and education their focus is more on just producing literates kids. * the school must have lots extra curricular

Dinesh Dinesh

No, i think its best if the child can continue till 12th in the same school. kids form friendships and its nice if they can continue in the same school from nursery till 12th. of course if parents get transferred or there are other circumstances, then that is a different matter.

Sidharth Sidharth
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