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Which curriculum is better between cbsc, icse and ib for overall development?

user name asked By Krishna

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As per my understanding cbse. becoz it is more objective in nature and icse is very in depth and vast studies. all children are not able to understand it

Dipti Dipti

If plan to move abroad later than international board else cbse is best

Poonam Poonam

The ib program is practical and application based. it tests students knowledge, not their memory .though accepted at many top universities internationally,it does not train children for the type of education provided in indian universities. cbse has textbook based learning and also emphasizes on rote learning. it helps if the child wants to take the entrance tests etc.icse is vast and leads to greater understanding but might be difficult for an average child.

Deepali Deepali

The cbse is the more traditional board and widely accepted but with tge changing times, i thibk the other boards also must be considered as they provide a more updates curriculam.

Himani Himani
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