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Is the shriram millennium school gurgaon (tsms) a branch of the shri ram school aravali (tsrs)?

user name asked By Khushi

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Shriram millenium is a partnership between the shriram trust and the millenium group. it is run as a separate entity. the education is taken care by shriram trust. the principal is from the shriram school and the teachers are trained by shriram trust. it also follows the same teaching pattern and curriculum till the 5th or 6th. however, from the 6th standard, cbse kicks in instead of icse. i have heard some great things about tsrms.

Himanshu Himanshu

No, it is just a franchise

Sia Sia

I think the management of these schools is independent. other than shri ram millenium (tsms), shriram educare limited also have 11 the shri ram universal schools (tsus) in partnership with srp group, sitaben shah memorial trust (managed by the lodha group) and vidyalok educational trust (indu projects) among others, all of which seem to be independent of srf foundation run shri ram school.

Kanupriya Kanupriya

Srf foundation runs the shri ram school vasant vihar in delhi, the same in aravali and moulsari in gurgaon and srf vidyalaya for the underprivileged in tamil nadu. shri educare limited (sel) in association with different companies/trusts runs shriram mlllennium schools and other shriram co-branded schools in different parts of india and abroad to build on the legacy of the shriram brand of schools. based on what i understand from the sel website, sel provides the curriculum & it support.

Vedanshi Vedanshi

School is not just about the curriculum. if that was the same then all ncert curriculum led cbse schools would be the same. i visited the shriram wonder years, shri ram early years and shriram millennium and was greeted with their standard impressive namaste. when you call the shriram school aravali, you are greeted with the same. they are indeed trying to recreate the same magic of shri ram school.

Shweta Shweta

Unfortunately, was not impressed with the counsellor as she indeed seemed a bit pushy for me to register and evasive when i asked her about the connection with the dlf school. settled for another playschool for the moment. will wait and watch!

Shweta Shweta

The millennium school is cbse affiliated and new while the shriram school is much older and is icse board.

Goushiyal Goushiyal

The shriram millennium schools esp. the one in gurgaon seems to be trying to cash in on the popularity of the shri ram schools in the ncr region. it is extremely difficult to get admission into shri ram aravali where they do not even let you enter the premises as a prospective parent, whereas when i went to shriram millennium in gurgaon, they seem to have very low numbers in their classes and seemed very eager to take admissions. parts of the campus are also not complete. a mental hospital might

jay Jay

As far as i know, they are different schools run by different management with some people common from the sriram family that allows they to use the brand name and may be some knowledge / curriculum sharing.

Mandeep Mandeep

Shriram millennium school is part of some kind of joint venture/collaboration between educomp of millennium schools and shri educare limited that is also promoted by arun bharat ram of the shri ram schools.

Madhavi Madhavi

Moving from gurgaon to faridabad. visited the shri millennium school in faridabad. does not seem up to the mark and of the same quality as shri ram aravali. it seems a bit run down and dull. manskriti and shiv nadar school at a stones throw seem like better options with way better infrastructure.

Sadia Sadia

I had also heard about the shri ram global in dlf phase 4 but cant seem to locate it on google. it shows the location in sector 45.

Babita Babita

The shri ram millennium school is run in association with shri educare limited (sel), which is apparently a sister concern. both the schools are run by different trusts that will have some common family members but they are not branches of the same school. there is a big difference in the popularity and reputation of both schools with tsrs being the coveted one.

Shiwali Shiwali

The shriram millennium school has three branches, one in noida, gurgaon and faridabad whereas the shri ram schools are icse schools and are located in delhi and gurgaon only.

jyoti Jyoti

I asked them the same thing and they said can transfer between the shriram millenniums school in faridabad and noida but not to the main shri ram school!!! there goes being the same and a branch

Neha Neha

I was also very surprised to see them at the fair. school may to be lacking in numbers may be that’s why they come.

Deepseikha Deepseikha

I met the school at the fair in epicentre and they insisted they are the same and gave me the logic of the cbse vs icse that since they already had an icse school in gurgaon so they now opened a cbse one. not very convinced though, esp. since the shriram schools should not need to participate in school fairs at all.

Chitra Chitra

There is also the shriram global school that is part of the same family apparently.

Munmun Munmun

Shriram school was started by manju bharat ram in 1988 and has branches one is in delhi and two are in gurgaon while the the shriram millennium schools are run by her husband arun bharat ram in association with shri educare ltd and have three branches, one in gurgaon one in noida and one in faridabad.

Neha Neha

Any way that i can get admission to the main shri ram school through the shri ram millennium school??

Sonia Sonia

I met them last year in their office, school building was not up then. i was not even convinced then. how can they be the same when the board they follow is also different? the popular shri ram school follows icse and the newer sriram millennium follows cbse. if you think all dps schools are same then this could also be same.

Punit Punit

I recently visited shriram millennium in gurgaon and i asked the lady at the reception and she said they are the same and indeed a branch. i was only interested because of that. confused now …. please help.

Neha Neha

Tsms is not a branch of shri ram school. tsrs are run by the srf foundation and tsms are not.

Shreyash Shreyash
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