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Which school is better between shikshantar, sun city and dps sector 45?

user name asked By Rashmi

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Dps 45 is a cbse school with high focused on academics. suncity is also cbse and while being focused on academics has a good balance with co curricular activities. shikshantar is an icse school and follows the new age experiential learning style.

Sraboni Sraboni

Shikstantar helps in overall development of the child. they make their base very strong. they understand the child's need because every child is different.

Monika Monika

Shikshantar i feel is more personalized and better for the overall development of the child and understands the child's need better.

Monika Monika

Dps focuses on academics, high scores & co-curricular development also

Renuka Renuka

It depends on what type of school you are looking for, while shikshantar focusses more on the overall development of child and has less rigorous on academics, dps has only focus on academics and is ruthless to the changing needs of parents and child.

Shikha Shikha

Dps sector 45 is good in academics

Praveen Praveen

Dps sector 45 is good in academics and extra activities

Abhay Abhay

Dps is better than others in terms of academics, but the other two score high on extra-curricular development.

Umesh Umesh
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