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I have read mixed reviews about the heritage school. does anyone have any personal experience about the school?

user name asked By Neha

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@sraboni...hi..if possible could you pls tell what is the fees fr grade 3 or 4 in heritage school for the current session

Yashshri Yashshri

@sraboni- thanks a lot for ur input.

SchoolWiser-Profile Neha

My child goes to heritage and i'm a very happy parent and my daughter is very happy too! heritage has an experiential learning environment and focuses on overall development. they have managed to strike a great balance of academics and extra curricular activities. children are groomed to be well rounded, confident individuals. teachers are well trained and approachable.the fees is phenomenally high though.

Sraboni Sraboni

Heritage is one best schools in gurgaon.

Manish Manish
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