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I would like to enrol my 5 year child in cie (world school) and put him back in cbse in class iv. do you think it is a good decision?

user name asked By Amit

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For this decision there will have to be a clarity on the choice of career for your child. cbse board is definately helpful if it is engineering,(read iit)medical(pmt)civil services,armed forces,management(iims) careers ,as, to crack the competitive exams the syllabus is based broadly on cbse. however,if you are planning on sending your child abroad for further studies and for other careers then cie and ib boards are it is not which is better but what is it that you want.

Aparna Aparna

Why would you want to do that ? most of the schools have ib and cie curriculum options for class 9th and above because it is globally recognized and many kids opt for the same when the go to higher classes. so why not have the cie curriculum for lower classes unless you have a particular interest for cbse or icse

Rashmi Rashmi
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