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If prenursery is done by play school like mapple bear , footprint etc then is there any challenge to get admission in formal school nursery onwards?

user name asked By Rohit

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Usually not much problem in getting admissions in most school nursery.

subramanyam Subramanyam

No there is no such criteria for admission in nursery that child should attend playgroup before getting admission in nursery. but it actually helps child settling down in school. otherwise it generally takes 1-2 weeks for the child to get adjusted in school. it is always good to choose a good play school for child where is no stress of studies and child get opportunity to participate in various activities. and child get a chance to interact with other kids of same age group. so its ur choice.

Renu Renu

I don't think that it is a challenge at all. in fact you get guidance from these schools in choosing a good school as per your child's strengths.

chetna Chetna

Yes..pre nursery can be done from anywhere and will not be a bar for entry into main school

Pooja Pooja
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