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We are shifting to gurugram in april 2017. please suggest some schools for nursery-2017-18 admissions?

user name asked By Ritika

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Hi ritika, pls visit the schoolwiser search page & shortlist schools based on criterion's important to you to create an initial shortlist. some criteria's are - proximity of the school, the board you wish your child to read in senior classes, a/c, transportation availability etc. once you have a shortlist of schools, read their review & ranking & their fees on schoolwiser to narrow them down further. your last step should be to visit the school to get a feel of the staff & the infrastructure.

Sanna Sanna

Ardee school is also very good

deepti Deepti

Amity and manav rachna are good

rahul Rahul

Amity global school, manav rachna sec 46

Bhawna Bhawna

Amity is good. also you can look at shiv nadar, g.d.goenka and others. there are many good schools in gurgaon and all are comparable on one or the other parameters you wish to consider. even dps has many franchisees being run in the city which you can consider. also you can plan to look at ib board schools which are also in abundance in gurgaon.

Ajay Ajay

I think u must go to amity global school.

shiv Shiv
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