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I am rajeev from sector-51, gurgaon. just want to ask how much risk associated with getting our kids admission in a startup school?

user name asked By Rajeev

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We can go for start up schools but must have detailed about faculty that have recruited and sustainability of school for long term in this competitive era.

rahul Rahul

Based on my observation, new schools come up with better infrastructure but do not have proven results

sugirtha Sugirtha

For new schools, its best to visit the school personally, understand their vision and pedagogy, see the infrastructure, meet the principal, and other parents and then take an informed decision.

Sraboni Sraboni

Startup schools have their own pros and cons. its a very competitive space so new schools put in their very best in terms of pedagogy, infrastructure, teachers and overall systems. however, if the school is just a year or two old their processes may not be in place and most importantly you do not have academic results to go by. at the same time, if a relatively new school has managed to create a distinct space for themselves in a short period of 3/4 years, they must be doing something right.

Sraboni Sraboni

Their processes may not be in place

Himani Himani

School is till 5th standard without playground. ther another 22 acre unit coming up at gurgaon fbd road. so there will be migration then..

Ankur Ankur

Well you must interact with the parents of the school. i haven't seen more happy and satisfied parents than the parents of this school. almost all of them have all the good things to say about the school.

Nitin Nitin

I would say not a good idea. we started with kingdom of kids in south city 1, but that school got closed without any notice. they have not refunded entire amount too. i would say and what i have learnt from my past horrific experience, try to go for school which is actually established at-least 2-3 years back.

Shubhamoy Shubhamoy
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