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Which are the best and top ib schools in gurgaon?

user name asked By Pooja

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I have moved to gurgaon from bangalore. i have visited almost all so called top ib schools in gurgaon , but wasn’t impressed with even one. pathways & gd goenka may be ok as boarding schools but it seemed their attention is not on education but maintaining their brand. dps international & lancers are charging high fees for the infrastructure, their coordinators were not even able to answer all my international curriculum and subject choice related questions.

Rakesh Rakesh

Suncity & shiv nadar the student strength in the international program is so so weak that i thought it’ll be foolish to even go there. the problem with most ib schools in gurgaon is very limited subject choices, which takes the essence of the curriculum away.

ankita Ankita

Totally avoid excelsior american ever. it is very poorly managed and i think they don’t even have the affiliation yet.

Ashish Ashish

Scottish & dps international are good for primary, not so sure about middle/senior.

Mohammad Mohammad

Gd goenka infra is at par with pathways but has lost popularity over the years for some reason. i have a very unhappy parent in my society. apparently, very bad transport issues.

Shikha Shikha

Lancers is like a hotel and apparently owned by hoteliers. i had met the principal and management and was very unimpressed. its all about the money there.

sanjeev Sanjeev

I went to amity global and found it to be a bit quite. not sure. anyone’s child goes there??

Manish Manish

Lis is top ib school in gurgaon.

Pooja Pooja

Try tsrs moulsari, i know of someone who has studied there. it’s a good school.

Shashank Shashank

We have heard of a lot of safety concerns about pathways. campus is too far from the city.

Jyoti Jyoti

Pathways has always ranked well and its campus is amazing, but it’s fees is beyond me

Yachna Yachna
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