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If i had to choose between paras world school and lotus valley international school , which one is better for ukg/prep level?

user name asked By Divya
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Lotus valley is established among newer schools. paras world school is a relatively new school and while both follow the cbse curriculum, paras has a lot to offer in terms of not so common extra curricular activities. they also have some very interesting initiatives catering to environmental and social issues. the focus is clearly on well rounded overall development of the child. the teachers and management are far more approachable.

Sraboni Sraboni

Divya it is my suggestion that in order to make an informed choice you would need details of other criterias as well like extended day care,fee structure,transport,teacher student ratio,so on and so forth,so please visit schoolwiser's compare schools page.i am sure it will help.

Aparna Aparna

Lotus valley is better my friends children are there and we get very good feedback

Anand Anand

Lotus valley school is better

rahul Rahul

Lotus valley is a better option

Harsh Harsh

Lotus valley anyday !!

Himanshi Himanshi

Lotus valley international school

Deepti Deepti

Lotus valley school is better

Reshu Reshu
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