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How will you rate this school wrt to dps sec 45 or suncity?

user name asked By Manish

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Dps 45 is good but suncity is doing so well and now has come at par.

Sunny Sunny

Dps sec 45 is better in academics.

Maneesh Maneesh

Suncity is best if your budget allows

Bhawna Bhawna

Hi manish, each school listed on schoolwiser has been given a rating based on some preset parameters. these parameters are listed on the school page in case you wish to see them. besides this rating all schools will also have reviews from parents of that school. i recommend you open the school page for all the three schools you wish to compare and look at the rating and read reviews to see which school seems best fit for your child. good luck and hope you find what you are looking for.

Sanna Sanna
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