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I want to know when do we get admission forms for 2018-19 session for nursery for schools in gurgaon?

user name asked By Deepti

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July -september. need to check with individual schools for their deadlines.

Manisha Manisha

For some schools like dps,manav rachna,shalom hills it is already startes but for some others like ahri ram,heritage,shiv nader it will start in end of august.

Neelima Neelima

Starts from september

Gaurav Gaurav

It starts in july and goes until september beginning.

esha Esha

Lvis, manav rachna, suncity opens

Vandana Vandana

It can start as early as july end. one needs to regularly check the school website.

SchoolWiser-Profile Neha

It starts from august even for some schools. august and september for most of the schools and some schools like lady fatima starts admission much later in some time november.

saurav Saurav

Generally it starts from september onwards

Hridhaan Hridhaan
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