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Which one is better? the maurya school, chiranjiv bharati or gems?

user name asked By Omprakash
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Maurya is certainly better

Nihal Nihal

Maurya is better than these two schools

neeraj Neeraj

Without any doubt maurya

Ruchira Ruchira

The maurya school is the best option between chiranjeevi bharti now dpsg and gems international. the maurya school is a good value for money. they are a nice blend of academics and extra curricular activities the teachers are warm and friendly and are always open to talks

Neha Neha

The maurya school is very good school

Ashok Ashok

Havent been to any of the mentioned..sorry

Madhu Madhu

Maurya is better than other schools you mentioned

Pratima Pratima

Maurya is better than than these two

Gurpreet Gurpreet

Anyday the maurya school is better than any other schools in palam vihar area

BIswanath BIswanath

Haven't been to any of these schools so can't comment

Navjot Navjot

Gems would be better.

Mahesh Mahesh

Maurya is the best among the three

BIswanath BIswanath

Maurya is better as chiranjivi is pretty much like a school of our times like how schools at our times used to be....gems is expensive and not that open kind of school...but as for maurya. you can can academics as well as co curricular activities in a balanced way...its good value for money..

salva khan Salva khan

The maurya school is better

Renu Renu

Haven't been to any of these schools so can't comment.

Nitin Nitin

The maurya school is very good school

Deepak Deepak
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