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How strict is heritage school on 3.5 yrs age criteria for nursery admission?

user name asked By Divya

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Heritage is quite strict about the age criteria and personally i think that makes sense. specially for little ones, all kids in the class belonging to the same age group definitely helps in terms of learning pace and social interactions.

Sraboni Sraboni

They are pretty rigid on the age criteria and i think for good reason. it is noticeable in senior classes.

SchoolWiser-Profile Rula

We had the same problem. our daughter was 15 days short of the age criteria. we did not want to loose the year so have got her admitted elsewhere. they are many schools in gurgaon that admit at 3+.

SchoolWiser-Profile Richa

My son was missing the criteria by 21 days but we were not shown any flexibility. we have decided to admit him next year. he will become one of the the oldest in the class which i am told is a good thing. fingers crossed!

SchoolWiser-Profile Rohit

Being an established & top ranked school, i dont think heritage would be flexible on admitting below 3.5 years for nursery. i would assume they get enough applicants based on the age criteria they have fixed. though many other new schools show reasonable flexibility both up and down. i know of schools that have 3 year olds and almost 5 year olds in the same class.

SchoolWiser-Profile Niyogi
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