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Is heritage school extending the school timings to 3:30pm from nursery onwards?

user name asked By Debbie

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Nursery and kg timing remains till 2 pm. class 1 onwards it is 3.20 pm.

Sraboni Sraboni

Yes , it has increased it to 3:20

neeraj Neeraj

Well it is hectic for the kids but helpful for working parents. the school focus is on self study

Gaurav Gaurav

Yes. the school has increased timings till 3:20

Ritu Ritu

Seems too long for nursery kids. i have heard that heritage will also increase their fee in light of this increased timing - anyone has any idea on that?


It could actually be good. but only time will tell. but sending a heavy snack from home and lunch by school is weird. why not provide both things in school or get parents to provide for both meals.

SchoolWiser-Profile Parul

Really? that is too long for just young kids. i dont think no other school has such long hours.

SchoolWiser-Profile Sandeep

The proposal has been given a nod by the school comittee at the meeting on 5th sep, though finer details are still being worked out. this means that children will be offered snacks at 10:30am (that parents will need to send) and lunch will be provided by the school at 1:30pm. the kids will get 30 minutes of self time and the rest will be devoted towards the child's development and literacy levels.

SchoolWiser-Profile Satender

It might be great for working parents like me who currently have to rely on daycare.

SchoolWiser-Profile Ravi

With this move kids time with the parent is likely to take a beating. having kids tired after an extended day will not provide for the quantity of time at home.

SchoolWiser-Profile Rula

The proposal is to incorporate an extra hour of reading time with a snack break at 10:30am, lunch break at 1:30pm and 30 minutes free learning time.

SchoolWiser-Profile Vrinda

I heard from the heritage parent in my circle that it is to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the two bus runs into a single one.

SchoolWiser-Profile Poulomi

The school really focuses on reading independently by grade 3 and this step is give each child more reading time at school.

SchoolWiser-Profile Nimisha

I hear that its almost final for next session onwards. they may be including lunch and nap time.

SchoolWiser-Profile Ravin

Have the parents who just seeked admission been given any information during the admission process?

SchoolWiser-Profile Niyogi
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