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Is ib a more promising course to enroll my child for or icse?

user name asked By Vedika

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Go for ib if u want your child to settle abroad.

Mohita Mohita

Icse has more promising academics

Silvie Silvie

Icse has more academic rigor

Garima Garima

What does more promising mean? if you mean which is better then there is no correct answer. it's like apple and oranges - both fruits are good. it depends how you want to shape your child's future. if you want you child to be acad focussed (read -lawyer, ca, doctor, etc) then go for icse. with ib education these things are difficult. but if you want overall development (read - who knows the future and better prepare the child for life) go for ib.

Nikhil Nikhil

I feel icse.., ib is like more icing on the cake and icse is like crust , i have studied cbse baord whereas my borther was in icse board and i always felt his syllabus was more in depth and more in volumn than mine. what i studied in 7th standard he studied some part of it in 5th standard. for ib as per my knowledge its good and some schools have the option for enrolling for ib in 11th and 12th standard. but frankly i have little to say about the faculty for ib board... so vissit schools and see

Nisha Nisha
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