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Is it advisable to take admission in sns gurgaon when when it is not yet cbse affilliated (it is proposed)?

user name asked By Navneet

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Sns gurgaon is cbse affiliated now

Ashish Ashish

Someone told me that the school can only get affiliation once it has students in class 8. dont think its something to worry about for shiv nadar school.

SchoolWiser-Profile Poulomi

Many of the newer schools in gurgaon like shri ram global, vega etc are not yet affiliated. sns gurgaon is backed by the hcl group. i dont think it will face issues with affiliation.

SchoolWiser-Profile Roma

I would say no, the risk is not worth it with so many other affiliated schools already available in gurgaon. if a school does not get timely affiliation, students will have to suffer. that is what i think.

SchoolWiser-Profile Sakshi

Schools cannot seek affiliation as soon as they start. they need to run for a certain duration before they can apply for cbse affiliation. however, most schools decide which path i.e. board they want to follow. sns gurgaon has chosen cbse and should get affiliated in due course.

SchoolWiser-Profile Samta
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