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Has suncity school suddenly changed admission criteria without any notice?

user name asked By Hitika

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Based on what i found out the admission criteria has been changed (couldnt get an answer on why this has happened) but the questionnaire still needs to be filled as part of the process. seems like we parents are expected to have a lot of time at our hand for doing things as part of the process that are actually not really required as part of the selection process. strange!?!?!

SchoolWiser-Profile Shirin

I just checked and the parents questionnaire is still reflecting in their campus care page but not anymore in the other page.

SchoolWiser-Profile Rula

You are right. the total points have also reduced from 50 to 40 now. not sure what they are doing in between but it is certainly creating a lot of confusion.

SchoolWiser-Profile Ravi

Yes, it seems so. there website mentioned points for parent questionnaire a few days back with dates by when that needs to be submitted. it seems to have vanished suddenly.

SchoolWiser-Profile Sandeep
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