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What is the fees for the heritage school gurgaon?

user name asked By Hitika

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Rs 65000 a quarter for cbse and rs 106000 per quarter for ib

neha Neha

The fee is 24k per month.

Charu Charu

For international it is 1.14 lacs per quarter for nursery

Abhishek Abhishek

Around 60 thousand quarterly and addtional 1 lakh onetime admission fee and 40 thousand security

charu Charu

I think there fees is to the tune of 2.5 lac per annum for nursery

Rocky Rocky

57000 approx for grade 1oth

Vaibhav Vaibhav

Can somebody urgently tell me the fees for 3rd grade including all one time and breakup of heritage school with cbse affiliation

sunil Sunil

Fee structure for heritage school gurgaon is available for reference on the -fees- section of this page.

SchoolWiser-Profile Richa

Total fee for 2014-15 on admission rs.116000 out of which 33000 is refunable.

SchoolWiser-Profile Shirin

Heritage school gurgaon fee here. registration fee 500, one time development charge 49500, admission fee 33000, refundable security 33000

SchoolWiser-Profile Shalini
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