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I m relocating to gurgaon from noida. want admission fo rmy son in class 4th and for daughter in class 1st. can anybody suggest a gud school in medium range fee?

user name asked By Ajay
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You have 4-5 good school options , 1. amity 46, 2. lotus vally 3. gems in south city2 4. manav rachna 5. shalom hills international school. these are some good options , ithink you should go personally and check .

Jagdeep Jagdeep

You should try for shalom hills school, the same has some decent reviews from many parents, also the fee structure as mentioned by you should be in medium range, this would definitely strike at the right budget. also you could look at gurgaon valley school, which is now known as delhi public school, this is located in dlf phase 1, gurgaon. if you need bit better and can manage somewhat a fees of 1.5 laks per year, then try for shiv nadar, it is a very nice school, and would be a nice option too

Parichit Parichit

Amity international sector 43 & sector 46 seems to be medium ranged fees

Arun Arun

Hi ajay, you should consider shortlisting your kids school based on criterion's such as - proximity to your house in ggn, the board you want them to study, do you want the school to be academically focused or focused more on the overall development, do you want an ac school and other factors important to you. once you have a shortlist based on these you could go to each school’s page on schoolwiser and scroll down to the fees structure to compare the fee. hopefully this will be helpful.

Sanna Sanna
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